Our goal is for women to come out of the adoption process, not only feeling good about their decision, but also stronger & more empowered.

Most women emerge from the adoption process stronger, more mature, and confident in their future. Statistics show women who place a baby for adoption in Louisiana finish high school more often and have higher educational goals, live in higher income households in the years after adoption, delay marriage longer, and are more likely to be employed at better paying jobs.

quotes from staff


I haven’t met a young woman yet here who didn’t have something she wanted to be. And so our goal becomes to help them get there. Sometimes it’s as little as I want to have a driver’s license. Sometimes it’s as big as I want to have a career. And so we just try to find what she’s hopeful for. And help her to get there.

When a birthmother first arrives at St. Elizabeth she’s typically confused, frightened ... looking for someone to help her to make that decision and to do it in a way that gives her hope, that not only will she be able to make this choice and do it, and come out on the other side feeling good about it, but that she will have hope for the future ...

Teri Casso

Foundation Director